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National Safety Solutions LLC.

About Us

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National Safety Solutions LLC. is a Safety and Security products dealer headquartered in Cleveland OH. We are a privately owned business with warehouses located nationwide. Our objective is to provide only the finest in non-lethal safety & security products. It is our belief that security should be a key consideration in every person's daily life. Too many times, people think about safety after the fact (reactive), sometimes when it is too late. Our focus is on proactive thinking.

Why Surveillance Systems?

Surveillance SystemsSurveillance cameras and/or systems have become an important part of safety considerations. They are one of the best witnesses to any crime or problem. We see it on TV everyday how someone was caught on camera and within days or even hours, that person has been apprehended, All thanks to the surveillance cameras that someone set up around their house or business. Surveillance cameras also act as powerful deterrents. Thieves and no good doers hate the thought of cameras watching their activities. There is no question about the efficacy and importance of the surveillance system as the perfect eye witness and crime deterrent.

Why non-lethal personal protection devices?

Non-lethal personal protection devicesWe sell non lethal personal protection devices because, in our humble opinion, we believe they are a better alternative to potentially lethal weapons such as guns and rifles.We want to ensure that if one must carry a personal safety device, then non lethal devices should be the option of choice.That ofcourse is just our humble opinion. The deterrent and temporary incapacitation abilities of non lethal devices have been prove, as good deterrents and temporary incapacitators when used properly. These items are also relatively cheap that can be afforded by the average citizen, and are safer to store at home or at work.

Non-Lethal law enforcement gear

Why Non-Lethal law enforcement gear?

Law enforcement is a critical component of social order. We therefore want to ensure that law enforcement personnel are able to acquire and use all necessary non lethal tools to do their jobs and remove the bad guys off the streets! And while doing that, they are well protected to ensure they return home to their loved ones at the end of the day.

We are committed to customer satisfaction. We know that every person that comes to our store is looking to improve their safety or the safety of someone else. That is our mission and we are thrilled to know you are thinking of your safety or the safety of a loved one! We therefore want to provide you with the best products and the best customer service. We may not be perfect 100 percent of the time but we make sure we really try hard each time. We are passionate and truly committed to your safety, and we hope you will feel the same.

National Safety Solutions LLC
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Do The Right Thing

Our Do The Right Thing! Campaign is a resolution to donate a percentage of our earnings, as well as donations from our customers to institutions and non profits that do good for the public, in areas related to safety. We know that there are so many groups that do so much good and we want to Do The Right Thing, in our own little way to help ameliorate the lives of those who need help getting out of a challenging situation.
Below is a list of the groups that we want to make a difference for. We are passionate in what we do and believe in, and this is our way to show our support! Join us! Click any of the links to make your difference today!

Wounded Warrior Project St. Judes Children's Hospital

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence Autism Speaks