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Frequently Asked Questions for our Watch Video Recorders

What should I consider when purchasing Watch Video Recorders?

A. There are couple of things to consider before purchasing a watch video Recorder.
1) Resolution: Resolution starting at 640x480 is usually good for the average user. However most of our watches are 3 levels above that at 720P or higher. We wabt to make sure you get the best quality and clarity. You may be wondering where does that rank in the resolution quality level? Click here to get an idea.
2. Recording time: Most of the video watches have an average of about 2hrs battery life. This is an industry average and will be the norm weather you buy it from us or from our competitors. However, FEW of our latest watches will have about 3 hours of battery life. There are almost no watch out there of the kinds we sell that will give you anything longer. The reason is that these watches are really small and we can only fit so much battery into them. But 2 or 3 hours is pretty good for most applications used for these watches.

Q. Does the watch function work?

A. Yes. All our watch recorders work as regular time pieces. They come with 2 internal batteries. First battery is a regular watch battery that powers the watch function and will last you years.
The other battery,which is much bigger, is a rechargeable battery that will power the video, audio and photo functions. These batteries will last anywhere from 1hr to 3 hrs depending on the watch you are buying.
If this battery dies, your time will still be accurate as it is being powered by a different battery.

Q. Do the watches record video and audio?

A. Yes. All the watches we sell on our website have audio and video. And some of the watches can record audio separately. Meaning you can record just audio without the video component. But if you record video, it will also record audio. You cannot record video without audio. They just work that way.

Q. What does water resistant mean?

A.This means the watch will take the occasional water splash and work just fine. However you cannot soak or submerge the watch in water. It will get ruined. Just like you cannot submerge or soak your smartphone or any other standard electronic device in water.

Q. What memory capacity do I need?

A. This depends on the video resolution the watch has. We usually ensure that the watch will have enough memory capacity to last the battery life.
For instance, if you have a watch that has a video resolution of 720P, this means you will need memory of at least 8GB for watches that last 3hrs. This is because 8GB will all be consumed in 3hrs at a resolution of 720P.
The bottomline is, we got your back when it comes to watch video recorders.

Q. Can I increase memory capacity?

A. On some of the watch recorders, YES. If memory can be expanded, you will be given the option to do so on the webpage of the specific product.

Q) How long does the battery last?

A. That will normally be clearly stated on the product page. Most of the watches will have a battery life of between 1.5 and 3 hours.

Q. Why is the battery life of a watch video recorder shorter than other devices?

A. The simple answer is watch size. Keep in mind that a lot is being fit into such a small space. The battery, the watch components etc. All in this really tiny space. So that is always going to create limitations. BUT also most applications usually don't need more than 2 or 3 hours at a time. So this is really the 'sweet spot' so to speak. Most people want to record a quick encounter, be it an undercover investigation, a police stop etc. All these usually last a lot shorter than 2 or 3 hours.

Q) If the battery runs out, does my recording save?

YES. The watches are made such that if the device should suddenly run out of battery in the middle of a recording, the recording will be saved before the device shuts down. This is a safety feature built into all our watch video recorders.

Q. If the battery runs out, will the watch function still work?

A. YES. ALL our watch video recorders come with 2 batteries. One battery is exclusively for the watch function while the other one is for the video recording only.

Q. Do I need time and date stamp?

A.Not necessarily. However all of our watch video recorders come with time and date stamp.

Q. Do watches have blinking lights when video is recording?

A.All our watch video recorders do not have a blinking light while video is recording.

Q. Can I record audio separately on the watch video recorder?

A.By default, our watch video recorders also record audio. Meaning they will record video AND audio at the same time. However we do have some watches that will allow you to record AUDIO ONLY. This is a great feature giving you a dual function watch. If the watch will record audio separately, it will clearly be stated on the product page.

Q. Where is the lens located on the watch?

A. Most watches will have the lens either at the hour mark (12) or at the half hour mark (6). Please check user manual for exact location.

Q. Can I record in the dark?

A. If a watch says it has night vision, then the answer is yes.

Q. What is the viewing angle of the watch?

A. Most of the watches will have 70 degree viewing angle. Refer to product manual for exact viewing angle.