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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for our listening devices

Q. Are there any blinking lights/ telltale indicators on the device?
A. Most of our listening device do not have blinking light during recording. By default, all our products do not have blinking lights unless explicitly stated on the product page.
Q. What about any sounds made before, during, and after recording or when battery dies?
A. Nope, Nada! The listening devices do not make any noise at any point whatsoever.
Q. What does VOICE ACTIVATED mean?
A. It means this unit will record when there is sound or voice in the vicinity and will pause when there is none. It is a great feature because it allows your unit to save memory space and not record silence and use up precious memory space. The voice activation is very sensitive and nimble. It will start recording instantly and 'pause' a few seconds after there is total silence.
Q. Is there any software required to play back recordings?
A. Nope, None of our audio recorders require special software. Just the default music player on your computer is all you need.
Q. What is the audio pick up range?
A. All our devices have a minimum range of 20 feet and go up to 50ft or more depending on how loud the sound or voice is.
Q. How many hours of recording will this unit get?
A. It depends. Hours of recording can be measure by either Battery life OR Memory Space. Battery Life is how many hours a battery will last before needing to be recharged. Memory Space is how many hours of recording you will get before the memory of your specific device is full. Refer to the specific devices to determine battery life. Battery life is usually fixed. Memory space can vary based on quality settings of the recordings as well as memory expansion capability. Please refer to specific device for more details.
Q. Does the device have capability of memory expansion?
A. Some devices come with fixed internal memory while others allow for expansion via Micro SD Cards. If device has expandable memory, there will be options on the product page allowing to buy more memory. Please refer to the specific devices for more information.
Q. How can I increase recording hours on a fixed memory device?
A. Some devices allow for adjustment of recording quality. An increase of recording quality inversely corresponds to a decrease in memory hours and vice versa. However for units that do not allow for adjustment of recording quality, the recording hours are fixed.
Q. Can I record while unit is plugged in?
A. Most of our products need to be unplugged in order for it to record unless otherwise stated. However we have several that will record while plugged in
Q. How do I listen to recordings?
A. Some units allow for instant playback via headphones while others need to be connected to a computer in order to playback recording. This will be stated on each recorder.For all devices, after you are done with recording, you will need to turn them off before plugging in to computer for playback or before plugging in headphones for playback..
Q. What kind of batteries do the devices have?
A. All our recording devices have internal rechargeable batteries, pretty much the same way it works on your smartphone which has an internal rechargeable battery that you have to recharge when it runs out.
Q. How do I charge the unit?
A. Most of our recorders are recharged via a USB cable connected either to a computer or a wall adapter.
Q. What does Standby mean?
A. Most devices have Battery life as well as Standby time. Battery Life is number of hours the device will continuously record before battery runs out. On the other hand, standby time is like a "waiting to record as soon as I hear a sound" mode. The device is on and ready to record when sound is detected. Nothing is being recorded while in standby mode, and therefore precious memory space is not being wasted. Also while in standby mode, minimum amount of battery is being expended. Standby is a great feature!
Q. How would I know if memory is maxed out?
A. Because our devices are made to record without telltale signs, it is upon the user to periodically check and determine whether or not when to offload or delete files. Once you know how many storage hours of recording the unit can handle, it should be easy to determine if it is time to offload or delete files.
Q. How can I make room for more recordings if memory is maxed out?
A. You need to either delete the recording files or save them to your computer then delete them to free up memory.
Q. Will I lose my recordings if battery runs out while in record mode?
A. All our devices are built such that any ongoing recording will be saved prior to device shutting down.
Q. Do all the devices have time and date stamp?
A. No and YES. Product features will indicates whether that device has time and date stamp. However, If the device does not include a time and date stamp or if you are having trouble setting this feature, there is an easier way. (Yes part of answer) When you turn on device, simply say your name, the time and date and then proceed to record. This method is actually more legally acceptable in court. This last part can be used on any device whether it has the digital time stamp feature or not.
Q. Can I hide the voice recorders behind furniture or in a purse, briefcase or a bag?
A. There are so many variables to consider when answering this question. First, the listening devices are designed for use in open spaces and unencumbered. That being said, it can be put anywhere as long as the microphone is not muffled. Putting it in a bag, briefcase or purse that is stuffed with napkins, diapers and socks (LoL) will make it work differently that putting it in a an empty one. We recommend that you test it first in your application and see if it will work.
Q. Can I use the devices outdoors? Is it waterproof?
A. Yes, just as any standard electronic device, it will take a splash or two of water but not a soaking. Treat it the same way you will treat your smartphone. Use your judgment.
Q. What happens if I leave the device in "on" position when I connect it to my computer?
A. This is highly not recommended. The devices MUST be turned off before being connected to a computer unless explicitly stated otherwise. This will ensure device integrity and longevity. With some devices, you may lose your recordings if plugged in while device is in ON and in RECORDING mode.
Q.. If in a car, will the listening devices pick up vehicle sounds or just human sounds?
A. The listening devices are enhanced for Human Voice. But, it also depends on how loud the car interior is. Some cars have louder interiors than others. These devices are made to be very sensitive so as not to miss critical sounds. So it really depends on the car. But generally speaking they have worked very well in most car situations.
Q. What is db voice detection mean?
A..The Db is the voice detection level. The lower the number is, the more sensitive the device is in capturing lower volume sounds.
Q. What is audio quality, such as 384kbps, 192kbps etc?
A. Well consider that CD quality is about 296kbps. Most voice recorders you will see with other retailers are usually in the range of 32kbps to 192kbps. That falls in the Terrible (32kbps) to OK (128 kbps) to "Pretty good" (192kbps) categories. We are in favor of quality levels above 192kbps. We believe this is the minimum acceptable range. A lot of our recorders are at 384kbps!
Q. What's included in the 90 replacement protection plan?
A. It means we provide you with our internal guarantee that if defice becomes faulty or stops working within 90 days we will replace it for you without a hassle. These units also have manufacturer warranty but that process could be laborious so we figured lets make it easy and fast by providing our own protection on top of any manufacturer protection.