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Crime Prevention and Personal Safety Guide

We see it on TV all the time, and we read about it in the newspapers. It's not a secret that crime is a major problem many major cities in the U.S today where criminals are finding it easier to commit crimes all the time.

There is the saying that prevention is better than cure. How true. Many people do not bother to behave in ways that will help prevent, or deter crime. It is a lot cheaper and less dangerous. Think about it! Take responsibility for your own Safety and security. Below is a list of Crime Prevention & Personal Safety Guides to help protect you and your family.These Guides are great for both adults and children to know and learn. They can save your life, help you to save the life and property of others and to stop crime. Safe reading.

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Protecting home from intruders
Protecting yourself during holiday season
Protecting yourself on city streets
Protecting your valuables from theft
Protecting yourself when traveling
Guard against purse snatchers
Protecting yourself from Armed robbers
Protecting from pickpockets
Self defense tactics

Protecting your home while away
Burglar proof your door
Burglar proof your windows
Selecting a burglar alarm
Protection while using ATM
Safeguard your children
Public parking garage
Home security guidlines
Campus/dorm security
Terrorist threat