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Top 10 Personal Safety Tips

Each day, you can watch the news or read in the paper of the various crimes that are occurring across the nation. From murder to robbery, you hear the stories of people becoming victims of a senseless crime simply because they were not protected. There are lethal and non-lethal personal safety products available on the market today to help keep you and your family safe against criminal activity. Along with the products and some key tips, you can prevent yourself from becoming a victim.

Guidelines to Protect Yourself from Criminals

  1. You should be aware of yourself and your surroundings to prevent a potential attacker from harming you.
  2. Enroll in a self-defense training program that will prepare you for ways to defend yourself against a predator.
  3. Purchase a personal alarm that you can activate if confronted by a criminal.
  4. Stay off your phone while walking to and from your automobile.
  5. Always trust your gut instincts if you feel that a situation is weird get yourself out of the area immediately. It is better to be wrong than to become a victim of a predator.
  6. Carry pepper spray with you to help defend yourself.
  7. Immediately lock the doors to your car once inside. This will prevent anyone from jumping into your vehicle while you are driving.
  8. Park in well-lit areas and close to the buildings main entrance so you are able to get to your car as quickly and safely as possible.
  9. Keep the keys to your car in your hand at all times in case you need to get back in quickly.
  10. Do not answer the door to someone you do not know. Inform them that you are on the phone and will not be opening the door. It will not keep you safe to just not answer them, criminals will often still break in thinking the home is empty.

Purchase Quality Non-Lethal Weapons to Keep You Safe

While the last thing you want to think about is purchasing a weapon to carry with you. It is important to prepare yourself in case the unexpected happens. From pepper spray to personal alarms, Safety Basement offers quality products that can help keep you safe. Whether you are a college student or work in an area that is known for high criminal activity, you want to be prepared if an attacker should come after you.