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Discount Police Supplies and Equipment

Safety Basement is the ultimate destination if you want high-end and affordable law enforcement training equipment and discount police equipment for sale. Most localities are on a budget, so they need to get the best products that they possibly can for rock bottom prices, to keep the citizens they are sworn to protect safe. Safety basement offers a range of police batons for sale, police gear, supplies, and every piece of equipment that police departments across the country will need. From tactical gear and restraints, to training devices and hydration packs, we offer it all.

Our law enforcement equipment is made by some of the best manufacturers in the industry, and every product that we sell must adhere to our high standards of quality. Staying up to date with the latest and greatest training equipment and supplies will ensure that officers can get their jobs done effectively and efficiently. If you need a product that isnít on our website, then give us a call! Our goal is always to ensure that our customers have exactly what they need and more when they come to us. The diverse range of items below is some of the most popular types of equipment that we sell. Browse our online product catalog for further information.

Popular Equipment We Carry

Hearing Protection Products

Badges & ID Holders

Crime Scene Investigation Supplies

Restraints and Handcuffs

Police Clothing and Gloves

Training Batons

Communication and Duty Gear

Tactical & Riot Gear

Hydration Packs and Medical Supplies

Disaster Management Supplies

Police Training Equipment

Defensive Sprays, Knives, & Gun Cleaning Kits

Spy and Surveillance Equipment

Traffic Safety Supplies

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