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New Training Baton Could Help Law Enforcement Gain Public’s Trust

When most people think of all the training law enforcement officers have to go through, the first thing they think of is guns, Tasers and mace. However, an officer’s baton can be just as useful as any of the other weapons. In fact, here is a reasons why every officer should invest in a training baton from Safety Basement.

Training Batons Give Officers More Peaceful Options

The majority of people, including some police officers, do not realize just how effective a baton can be at subduing an unarmed assailant. Rather than reaching for a gun or Taser, law enforcement officers should have more training in how to bring down an opponent using a baton. In situations where an unarmed suspect gets aggressive, a baton could put a stop to their actions quickly and easily. By using a training baton to teach them how to better use the actual weapon, officers would be able to end situations more peacefully. In addition, those involved in law enforcement may be able to earn the trust of the American public again if they learned to use their baton more effectively.

Using Batons Could Teach Officers to Use Better Judgement

If police departments were to give their officers extensive training in how to use batons, their officers might learn to use better judgement when dealing with civilians. The officer might ask themselves, “How can I deal with this situation? My baton has many uses. Can I use it in this situation rather than using my mace or Taser?” These are the questions that officers should be encouraged to brainstorm. However, they can only be brainstormed once police departments equip them with the necessary knowledge about batons by first teaching them how to use training batons.

Officers Learn About All Possibilities

Officers, of course, cannot be expected to better use batons when we have not given them the proper experience with them. While training batons can teach officers how to use a regular baton, they can also teach officers about all the things they can be used for. For example, a baton can be used to subdue an opponent, but it can also be used to break the window of a building that you need to get into. There is so much untapped potential when it comes to batons, and they should not be underestimated. In fact, training batons – like those available at Safety Basement - may teach officers how to better use their regular baton, which can easily save lives and gain back the trust of the American public.