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The Nanny Cam Grows Up: Why Today’s Generation of Covert Cameras Are Way Cooler Than A Teddy Bear

We've all heard of nanny cams: covert cameras that are hidden in something that is regularly found in children's room or another room of the house, such as a plush toy or clock. In addition to allowing parents and guardians to see what their baby or toddler is up to without disturbing them, it also allows parents to monitor the activity of anyone within sight of any covert camera they have placed throughout the home. This can be useful for parents who are suspicious of their nanny, or anyone else but don't have the evidence needed to confirm those suspicions.

While covert cameras are great, many people don't realize covert cameras aren't just for parents. Indeed, they can be used by just about anyone. These days, covert cameras come in many forms and can be used for multiple reasons and in various locations.

If you've been considering installing covert cameras in your home or business, you may be interested in some of the different features available. We've compiled a list of some of the most popular features in covert cameras.

  1. Night Vision. Admit it, covert cameras won't do much good if they can't detect what is happening during the day or night. That's why it may be worth investing in a system that has night vision capabilities.
  2. Weather proof. This is not relevant if you're using the covert cameras indoors, but it will make a huge difference if you plan to use them outside. Consider your climate, and what types of extreme weather the cameras will have to withstand. If you live in an area prone to snow storms or hurricanes, for example, there may be different considerations than for someone who has to deal with extreme humidity.
  3. Long Battery Life. A camera with long battery life is more preferable than one which requires constant battery replacement every couple of hours. Even better may be a nanny camera that plugs in directly to a power outlet so that you do not have to constantly change batteries and thereby risking being discovered.
  4. Wireless: A nanny or covert camera is even more useful if you don't have to constantly go to it. This could attract attention and suspicion if you are attending to it regularly.Therefore a camera that can be managed wirelessly could be an even better proposition. One which will also allow you to login remotely and manage images remotely.
  5. Audio: Some covert cameras include audio recording capability. In the United States, having audio can be a tricky proposition as this could be a wiretap offense. Therefore if you must have audio as part of your recording, it is highly recommended that the person being recorded is clearly aware that they will be recorded.

However there are nanny cameras that allow you to turn off the audio capability. This is a desireable feature to have should you get a nanny camera with audio.

Have you ever used covert cameras? What features do you look for?