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Maxpedition DoppelDuffel Duffel Bag Platinum Wide-Angle Network Video Doorbell 2MP Six-Zone Wireless Entry Alarm System 26" Classic Friction Lock Baton Patrol Kit
ORION Non-Linear Junction Evaluator Wifi Pen DVR, 720P NIK TRAINING-FULL COURSEWARE Cross Mini Covert Voice Recorder
Your Price: $579.36
Covert Wrist Band Premium Voice Recorder Undercover Law Enforcement Surveillance System Voice Activated Car Key Voice Recorder, 16GB Redman XP Instructor Suit
Covert Wrist Band Premium Voice Recorder

Redman XP Instructor Suit
Your Price: $1,465.95

Why Personal Safety Should Be Important to You

Violent crimes such as aggravated assault, simple assault, rape, robbery or murder fill our news full of stories each and every day. Whenever we hear of these stories we always wonder why something wasn’t done to help prevent this crime. Our team at Safety Basement believes that staying safe is made easy with our self-defense products. Crime can be prevented and we strive to provide the best non-lethal safety and security products to our clients.

How to Keep Our Law Enforcement Safe on the Streets

Men and women in law enforcement put themselves in harm’s way every single day for the safety of their community. They are the first to respond to possible life threatening situations, so why not provide them with the best Police Gear available? Safety Basement has everything from training equipment to spy and surveillance gear available. If it's Fire Fighter Accessories, Medical Supplies, Traffic Safety Gear, Handcuffs and Restraints, Batons or other accessories you are looking for, we have it.

How to Increase Your Personal Protection

With our wide variety of Home Security Systems, Surveillance Systems and even GPS Tracking Devices, we at Safety Basement have you covered We carry wireless home and apartment security systems, Nanny Cameras, Auto and Truck Cameras, Real Time GPS Trackers, devices for college students, Pepper Spray,Animal Repellents and so much more Every single person is subject to being a victim at some point or another, no matter how big or small your city or town is. Now is the time to do something about it.

Be Proactive, Think Safety.

Call us today so we can arrange a time to show you how many options you have available to keep yourself safe. Our experienced associates can be reached at 1 (877) 345-2336 and are ready to show you just how committed we are to your personal safety.