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Real-Time WorldTracker PLD with two way emergency cellular voice calling
Real-Time WorldTracker PLD with two way emergency cellular voice calling
Real Time WorldTracker PLD

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WorldTracker PLD with two way emergency cellular voice calling

The new WorldTracker PLD is the most complete and affordable covert personal GPS tracking device available today. The PLD combines accurate GPS monitoring and reporting with quad-mode capabilities resulting in a product ideal for asset management, personal safety or covert GPS tracking.


This is a feature only available in a few units. A push to call service. Just press the button once and it will call a designated number instantly. This will then open the lines for for two way communications. This feature is an imprtant feature that has multiple applications:

1. Emergency call
2. Give to your child
3. For trucking companies. Drivers can communicate with base at the push of a button. Or you can call in to talk to them
4. Hikier emergency
5. Older parent. Keep track of them and talk to them if you need to
6. Law enforcement for use in bait car. Call in to unit to determine activity.

Advanced Features/Setup:

1. Emergency Voice monitoring and/or two-way voice communication.
2. Programming phone numbers to call.
3. Programming the PLD to use SMS or GPR

* Quad mode GPS tracker works worldwide (850/900/1800/1900 frequency bands)
* Reporting and monitoring for up to 2 weeks
* Capable of updates every 5 seconds
* GPS assist and works inside buildings and parking garages
* GPS/A-GPS with tracking of up to 14 satellites
* One-way emergency listening and two-way voice options
* Optional multi-day ephemeris support
* Time to first fix: 2 s @ 5 m; 2 sec navigation fixes (with assistance data)
* Motion sensor and vibrating alerts

The top of the device is home to four LED indicator lights:

* CALL: Blinks yellow when registering blinks for 1/4second every 2 seconds to indicate a missed call, solid yellow during a phone call (incoming or initiated)
* ON: Blinks yellow slowly for 1/2 second every 10 seconds to indicate the unit is on and active
* GPS: Blinks yellow briefly once every 2 seconds when receiving satellite reception
* BAT: Blinks red once every 10 seconds when the battery is less than 20% (this light turns off altogether when battery is below 5%). Blinks fast once every 2 seconds during charging, turns off when fully charged

Businesses take note:
The WorldTracker PLD offers application service providers and systems integrators the opportunity to provide vehicle monitoring, security, and recovery services.The WorldTracker PLD locator employs enhanced Global Locate ® technology for improved AGPS performance.The WorldTracker PLD locator employs enhanced Global Locate ® technology for improved AGPS performance. Location reporting and monitoring over the GSM network is performed through SMS and GPRS providing cost effective wireless communication.

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Operating Your Unit

Wireless Tracking
Activate your Cell Phone Tracking Viewer FREE

Optional Panic Button Service
Want to inform someone you are in trouble? For only $5 a month you can activate the built-in panic button and connect to help in emergency situations. This is a hot feature when you feel you or someone you love might be in danger. The instant the Panic Button is pressed, notify anyone like your company headquarters or emergency personnel or family member.

Optional Your SIM Card:
$149.95 per year using customer owned SIM card

International Users

$149 Per Year - You will need to purchase a SIM card from a local GSM provider in the country the device will be used in. This must be a new and NOT from your existing cell phone.


"The WorldTracker GPRS is one of the most accurate tracking devices I've ever tested. The unit uses the same high-performance GPS receiver found in many automotive GPS models, SiRF's 20-channel StarIII receiver. Accurate to within about 15 feet, the WorldTracker GPRS uses Assisted-GPS, or AGPS to report its location every 15 seconds.

Location reports are accessed via a webpage, and position information is spectacularly displayed using Google's or Microsoft's 3D maps. Date, time, speed, heading, and street address information is displayed on the map, and breadcrumb trails show the path the WorldTracker has taken. Customers can choose to view the device's location either on a Google map, Microsoft's Virtual Earth, or a special webpage that's optimized for viewing on a PDA or smartphone (such as a Blackberry).

An on-screen calendar makes it easy to view historical tracking data by clicking on the desired date (any dates with tracking data available are clickable). Various driving-specific reports are only available, including daily and monthly mileage, time spent driving, and maximum speed reached for each trip.

WorldTracker's use of SiRF's high performance GPS receiver, Assisted-GPS for enhanced positioning indoors where GPS signals cannot penetrate, and Microsoft's Virtual Earth and/or Google Earth is a powerful combination that left me awestruck at the devices accuracy, ease of use, and reporting capabilities.

Geofences, or virtual boundaries, can be drawn on the map and WorldTracker will alert you via email if the virtual boundary is crossed. For example, you could leave the WorldTracker in a parked car and setup a Geofence to automatically send an alert if the vehicle moves. Or you might setup a Geofence around your home address and receive notification when the WorldTracker enters or leaves that address.

The WorldTracker GPRS' achilles heal is its short battery life. Trading battery life for GPS performance, my WorldTracker GPRS only got about 8 hours of use per full charge, seriously limiting the practical uses for the device. A slightly thicker battery pack can be purchased for about $200 that doubles the battery life, but even then you won't get a full 24-hours of use between charges. Those looking to use WorldTracker GPRS for vehicle tracking will want to consider the optional magnetic vehicle mount that leverages a motion sensor and larger battery pack to achieve between 30 and 90 days of battery life (after 5 minutes of inactivity, the case's motion sensor automatically shuts down the GPS, saving battery life)."

Physical Information Application Interface
L x W x H: 100.33 x 58.92 x 25.4 mm
Housing: Polycarbonate
Weight: 136 g
Host Protocols: AT Commands, UDP/API, CMUX
Internal Protocols: PPP, UDP/API, UDP/PAD
API Control/Status: AT or UDP
Key Features: Real-Time-Clock (RTC) Event Engine Scriptable
Friends IP, Wake-Up & Keep Alive, Auto-Activate
Quad Band Operation GSM Functionality
850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz bands Voice: FR, EFR, HR & AMR
CS Data: Asynchronous,
transparent and nontransparent
up to 9.6 kB
Cell Broadcast
Special Features SIM Card/Interface/IO
- Motion sensor
- Vibrating Alert
- Internal 3V SIM accessed via battery
- Mini USB jack for power and local data
- Vehicle power adapter (optional)
- 2.5 mm headset jack
GPS/A-GPS Functionality Power
.... Autonomous and “Enhanced”
.... GPS operations w/ optional Multiday
ephemeris service
.... Tracking up to 14 satellites
.... 3GPP A-GPS standards compliant
.... Supported Protocols:
o Secure User Plane Location
.... Time to First Fix (Cold Start):
o 30 sec @ 5 m avg.
o 1 Hz Navigation Fixes
Operating: -20 ..C to 60 ..C
Storage -40 ..C to 85 ..C
Humidity: Up to 95% non-condensing
Certifications: Part Number
FCC: Parts 2, 15, 22 & 24
GCF: 3.21.1
PTCRB: 3.7.1
CE Mark
Industry Canada (CSA)
RoHS Compliant
PN- GSM 2228
Specifications subject to change without notice.

Hard-wire Kit for GPS Trackers
Your Price: $69.95

Hard-wire Kit for GPS Trackers

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