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How to protect yourself from Armed Robbers


Here Are Some Tips On How To Protect Yourself At Home:

1. Never admit a stranger.

2. Lock up tight. Always lock all doors and windows.

3. Listen for strange noises.

4. Donít advertise that you live alone.

5. Never give an unknown caller information. Report nuisance calls to police and telephone company.

6. When you move to a new home, change the locks.

7. Chain locks arenít strong enough to keep out an intruder. Keep door locked until you know who is there.

8. Always pull shades after dark.

9. Donít leave notes on door about when youíll be home.

Precautions To Take On The Road

1. While driving, watch out at intersections and stop lights. Keep car in gear, doors locked, and windows rolled up.

2. Park in areas that will be well lit when you return. When you return, look to be sure no one is hiding in a car nearby, beneath your car, or in your car.

3. If you have a stalled car, raise hood and tie a white cloth to aerial. Stay inside the car with doors locked and windows rolled up. If you have a cellular phone call for help. Ask someone who stops to report it to the nearest service station.

4. If you are being followed, donít drive home or get out. Drive to the nearest police station or open store or service station for help. Note the license number and car description and report to the police at once.

If You Are Held Up At Work:

1. Try to stay calm. Donít make any sudden movements to upset the robber. Remember, the robber is usually as scared as you are.

2. Be sure to follow the robbers directions. Donít try to escape or set off an alarm in front of the robber.

3. Tell robber what you are doing, for example, getting a money bag.

4. Try to get a good look at the robber so that you can give a full description to the police.

5. Donít be heroic. Donít take any foolish chances. The robber may become violent. Itís better to lose your money than your life.

Never carry a weapon that can be used against you. There are of course exceptions. If you are a person capable of carrying and sociologically able to use the weapon that you have in self defense, then it may be O.K. for you to carry a weapon. After all, you do have an inalienable right to defend your life and the life of others. For example, a gun in the hands of 110lb women is a great equalizer against a 250lb man, providing she has a gun that is big enough to have stopping power. A too little of a gun like a 22 pistol may not have the stopping power against a big assailant to stop him from doing harm to you before he goes down. These are things you must consider and get professional advice before considering if carrying a weapon is right for you.

Remember to report all problems or crimes to the police.

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How to protect yourself from armed robbers